3D Printing Neighbourhoods in Alberta

3D Printing Neighbourhoods in Alberta


3D Printing Neighbourhoods in Alberta

Canada’s nidus3D just built North America’s First Multi-Unit 3D Printed Homes and 2-Story Buildings.

We are looking for Alberta’s first community and development group to 3D print an entire neighbourhood in 2023! Would you like to learn about this exciting opportunity? 


Join nidus3D with Alberta builders, developers, universities, investors, and sustainability experts for an in-person or virtual event @ Platform Calgary May 12 at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM MDT. 

During a global housing crisis, and in a sector facing impossible challenges, 3D construction printing presents opportunities to rapidly produce cost effective, climate resilient homes at scale. 

3D construction printing offers unparalleled predictability in scope, cost, and timeline.

➊ With digital construction, projects can be completed in weeks instead of months, minimizing financing expenses.
➋ Mix-onsite concrete is made locally sourced materials reducing carbon footprint, lowering cost and logistical overhead.
➌ Builds are delivered with a small highly skilled, professional crew, minimizing the impacts of the skilled labour shortfall.
➍ The homes are printed and engineered to the highest structural and environmental standards.
➎ The process covers a build scope beyond the walls further lowering material and process complexity.

Materials have changed, so should the way we build. Learn about the next generation of homebuilding: how it works, market snapshot and investment opportunity with Canada’s leading 3DCP company, nidus3D and many Alberta experts.

Presented by Ian Arthur, Cofounder & President of nidus3D, this event is designed to provide insightful information about the 3D concrete printing industry that is ready to scale in 2023. As an attendee you will learn about: 

🅐 How 3D concrete printing benefits construction, is a solution to the housing crisis, and presents the best opportunity for developers 
🅑 nidus3D past projects and future market opportunity 
🅒 Investment and partnership opportunity to bring 3D concrete printed neibourhoods to Alberta 


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