About Us

We are Canada’s 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) experts

Our Purpose

The global housing crisis requires a new and innovative solution to house the world.

At nidus3D we are revolutionizing the construction sector with 3DCP and building generation-next homes. We aspire a world where affordable housing is available to anyone who needs it.

Our Story

Founded in 2021, nidus3D is an innovative Canadian robotic construction company delivering rapid, low-cost printed structures with automated, on-site 3D concrete printing.

As a process-driven company, nidus3D is leading technology-driven innovation in the construction sector to revolutionize the way homes are built.

nidus3D has completed multiple proof-of-concept projects, including Canada’s first residentially-permitted 3D-printed structures and North America’s first two-story and three-story 3D-printed building and is currently scaling 3D construction printing across Canada.

With its proven technology, nidus3D is ready to lead 3D construction printing into the future.

Our Story

nidus3D was founded in 2021 with the conviction that technology and innovation can address the challenges in the building sector.

In partenrship with COBOD International, nidus3D brought 3D construction printing to Canada, executing multiple North American and World first printed structures.

We are just getting started.

Our Team

nidus3D brings together skilled tradespeople, engineers, architects, and visionaries to change the way we build.

Our team of talented individuals is committed to making a positive impact in our communities and our industry.

Our Team

We bring together skilled tradespeople, engineers, architects, and visionaries to change the way we build. Our team of talented individuals is committed to creating positive change for our communities and our industry.

Our Partners

nidus3D has partner with sector leading businesses, educational intitutions, not for profits, and innovators to revolutionize the building sector.

Let’s Build the Future Together.

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