BOD2 Specifications

The world’s only second generation in-market
3D Construction Printer made by COBOD

nidus3D is proudly the exclusive of BOD2 printers in Canada


The COBOD BOD2 3D construction printer is a gantry based printer that is specially designed for on-site concrete printing of large 3D objects.

Description Unit Value
Product 3D Construction Printer
Model BOD2
Measurements (length x width x height) [m] Contact us to see size guide
Weight [kg] 5390
Current [A] 32
Voltage [V] 380-480 3 phases, + N + PE (WYE)
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Short circuit current IKmin [A] 500
Short circuit current, IKmax [A] 1200
Leakage current [mA] 300
Max. speed (X-axis) [mm/s] 250
Max. speed (Y-axis) [mm/s] 250
Max. speed (Z-axis) [mm/s] 50
Sound level [dB(A)] Less than 70
Required bed plate flatness [mm/m] 10
Movement system Servo
Safety elements The emergency stop function includes emergency stop push-buttons as input components, which are located in the following locations of the machine: • 1x on each of the Z-axis • 3x on the printhead • 1x on the operator’s controller panel • 1x on the main E-box
Connection Wifi or LAN
Software Soft-NA and COBOD Web Control Interface
Interface Web Client (through browsers like Chrome, Safari)
Recommended operating temperature [°C] 5-35


The BOD2 printer allows the operator to move a printhead that extrudes the building material within 3 dimensions. The printhead moves along the X-axis (width), the X-axis moves on the two Y-axes (length), and the whole X/Y-axes group moves up and down the four Z-columns (height). Thereby, the gantry principle allows the printer to access any position within the printable area (PA), while providing complete freedom of movement within the volume.

Description Unit Value
Max printing length [m] No limit
Max printing width [m] 14.6
Max printing height [m] 8.1 + height of the concrete feet to which the printer is mounted
Max printing speed [mm/s] Up to 1000 (1 m/s)
Layer height [mm] 5-40
Layer width [mm] 30-300
Material flow [m3/h] Up to 7.2
Max aggregate size [mm] 10
Printer setup time [h] 4-6
Printer takedown time [h] 2-3

We recommend a team of 3-4 people

1x printer operator
1x material operator
1x material operator helper

(Additional hands-on helpers is recommended)

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