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Nidus3D Ltd. partners with MEP World Group LLC to bring innovative, sustainable concrete additives to the Canadian market, revolutionizing the construction and 3D printing sectors. This partnership highlights the distribution of MEP’s SeaMix admixture, promising enhanced concrete performance and environmental benefits. SeaMix’s unique composition leads to stronger, faster, and more eco-friendly construction, showcasing a significant step towards greener building practices in Canada and beyond.

The Future of 3D Printed Construction

We get asked this question all the time, and the first thing we do is point people to 3D printers that they might be more familiar with. The little ones that some folks have in their garage or workshops, or that you’ve definitely seen in universities. Then we ask them to imagine that 1,000 times bigger.

Ontario’s housing crisis: 3D printed buildings more than a pipe dream

3D printing is starting to turn heads in Ontario’s construction industry with at least one company, nidus3D, proving printed buildings are no longer a pipe dream.

Will 3-D-printed buildings alleviate the construction labour shortage?

This fall, the construction site of a pair of large warehouses near Kingston will look vastly different than a regular building site.

Instead of the typical dozen or so workers on site wielding tools to erect the structures, there will be just a few people – working mobile devices that control software to operate an immense 3-D-printing machine.

Home construction ‘ripe’ for automation, builders say. Here’s how the industry is changing

Homebuilders and policymakers have been grappling for years with a problem that comes, fundamentally, down to arithmetic: the number of homes Canada must build keeps growing, and the number of hands to do the hammering, sawing and bricklaying is not keeping up.

Ian Arthur from Kingston, Ont., knows the problem from both sides of the equation.

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