Largest 3DCP Housing Project in Canada

About this Project

Project Code: RP074

Located a one hour’s drive east from Calgary, this project is situated on Siksika land. The Siksika Nation Chief and Council honoured this project by giving it the Blackfoot name of “Kakatoosoyiists,” meaning Star Lodges. This name comes from their stories about stars and how they provide guidance, a sense of direction, protection, and life lessons to the people who live in these homes. 

The project consists of four buildings each with four supportive housing units, designed to provide a haven for individuals of Siksika Nation. Design elements such as the roof, incorporate aspects of Siksika Nation’s heritage and tradition.  

This project is Canada’s largest 3D concrete printed housing project to date.

Type of Project

Multi-unit residential. 


Printing services, Shell package 

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