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The nidus3D team takes pride in its diversity,
innovation and advocacy to create impact.

Meet the Team

Ian Arthur

President & Founder

Ian Arthur is the President and Founder of nidus3D, prior to nidus3D, Ian was the Member of Provincial Parliament from 2018 to 2022. On the Standing Committee for Finance and Economic Affairs, Ian regularly heard deputations from communities struggling with housing. Prior to his life in politics, Ian was the executive chef at Chez Piggy, Kingston’s iconic restaurant. Ian studied International Development and Political studies at Trent University, including time in Ghana at the Canadian High Commission, and a Master’s in Public Administration from Queen’s University.

Ian is on the board for Switch Kingston, a not-for-profit association that promotes green and climate related technologies and a past member of the board a past member of the KFL&A Food Policy Council. Ian enjoys reading, camping, and plays hockey in his free time.

Hugh Roberts

Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Hugh is a Co-Founder and COO of nidus3d and the General Manager of IR Contracts. He has worked in construction and development spaces for over a decade and has expertise in operations, R&D, sales, and strategy. A command of material, engineering and building composition has been essential to all his work. Hugh focused on disruptive technology innovations and improvements that mitigate waste and stabilize costs in the industry at large. Cognizant of the economic and social stresses on our communities, Hugh believes these advancements in technology and efficiency, are imperative for the wellbeing of future generations.

In his career Hugh has been involved in construction and industrial training on four continents. He was born and raised in Kingston and is enjoying balancing entrepreneurship and new fatherhood.

Ted Urbancic

VP & Founder

Ted is an entrepreneur, investor and mentor with a proven track record in highly regulated, data intensive industries. He made his name as a pioneer in the development of passive seismic monitoring, and brings decades of experience in data acquisition, processing, interpretation, as well as R&D in the mining and oil & gas sectors.

Ted holds a Ph.D. in seismology from Queen’s University and has taught at Queen’s and the University of Calgary. He is an active member of industry and academic organizations, making sure that research makes it into practice.

Outside of his work, Ted is an avid hockey player, outdoor enthusiast, and world traveler. Ted shares his time between Ontario and British Columbia.

Brodie Ladd

Transportation Coordinator/Batch Plant, Printer Operator

Brodie loves learning new things and making an impact. Brodie is a critical source of technical and institutional knowledge for nidus3D: he was trained in Copenhagen by COBOD on the operations on the COBOD BOD2 printer and plays an integral role training the print team, and making sure they each find their niche. Brodie is trained as a carpenter and a project manager. This training brings an eye for the big picture to the project. Brodie’s ability to make sure the project and his team have the things they need to succeed, makes him a valued leader.

Brodie wants to see 3DCP explode in Canada, driving a new wave of sustainable construction that people can afford.

Brodie loves cooking and golfing but is also a family man and a soccer dad, which means that he doesn’t get to enjoy his hobbies as much as he’d like, for the moment.

Paige Janelle Gaulin

Paige Janelle Gaulin, field worker

Paige is returning to the trades, after a decade in kitchens. Paige worked her way up from busser to sous-chef in a busy, accomplished kitchen thanks to her work ethic, energy and enthusiasm, and a commitment to excellence and improvement. These traits are deeply transferable to nidus3D and the 3DCP sector, and we are thrilled to have her.

When Paige first saw the COBOD Bod 2 printer in action she "got goosebumps" she said, and it was sealed. Paige brings an eye for efficiency and processes that makes nidus3D sites run smoothly.

Paige's dedication to a job well done extends past her work day. Paige has taught ballet, tap and jazz and is accredited as a dance teacher by the British Association of Teachers of Dance. As a competitive gymnast, she took gold at OFFSA. These days she mostly dances in her basement and cooks for friends. She enjoys the outdoors including archery, snowboarding and spending time with her two dogs.

Andrai Ferrill

Floor Production Engineer, Tool Engineer

Andrai can be counted on to keep plugging away until the job is done, and done right. Andrai is a consummate craft worker with decades of field experience. He is the most senior member of the construction team. He is energized to be part of the team that is taking table top, 3D printing technology and applying its promise in new places. “I want people to think of nidus3D when they think of 3D construction printed. I really love being part of a team building something new.”

Andrai is a renaissance man. Off site, he works with local recording artist STAX as part of his security team. He plays chess, and finds himself in a meditative zone when he plays. He is always on the lookout for a game.

Rafael O. Guel

Manager, Sales Engineneering

Rafael marries often disparate but complementary skills. Trained as a civil engineer, he is driven by creative vision with business acumen. Raf is integral to telling the story of nidus3D and 3D Construction printing in Canada. As part of the team, Rafael shares a vision for changing the way we build in Canada, especially creative ways that overcome barriers to sustainability in the lived environment.

Prior to joining nidus3D, Rafael founded the first online marketplace for building materials in Mexico, with on-demand delivery, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Construction Technologies industry in Latin America.

In his spare time Raf enjoys rock climbing, photography and filmmaking.

Kate Betts-Wilmott

Manager, Strategic Relations

Driven by interest and impact, Kate brings experience from many sectors – journalism, business consulting, media relations and communications, financial services, regulations and government. Kate brings a journalist’s knack for making connections and telling stories, a consultant’s eye for scaling up, and an activist’s commitment to addressing big problems: specifically housing affordability and climate change. We can’t expect to solve these crises with the same tools that created them.

Kate holds a MA in Military History from Wilfrid Laurier University. Kate is a past member of the executive for Kingston and District Labour Counsel and currently serves as on the board of trustees of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. Kate also keeps bees, plays hockey and cares for tiny humans.

Marcos Silveira

Engineering Manager

Marcos Silveira is currently the Engineering Manager at nidus3D, a company that specializes in 3D concrete printing for sustainable and resilient homes. Marcos has a strong educational background in the field of structural engineering, holding a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering (2012), a Master's degree in Structural Engineering (2015), and currently completing his Ph.D. in Structural Engineering at the University of Sao Paulo and University of Windsor. Throughout his career, Marcos has gained significant experience and expertise in structural design, BIM, generative design, structural optimization, and construction 3D printing. He has a proven track record of excellence and innovation, having founded and led BRAVO Engineering, from 2012 to 2020. Moreover, Marcos is a committee member of ASTM/ISO Joint Group 80, the first standardization committee for additive manufacturing in construction.

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